Chapter 8

05-27-18_10-15-14 AM

I had forgotten how challenging it is having twins in the house.  They are never on the same schedule.  One is always awake screaming when the the other is sleeping.

05-27-18_9-26-00 AM

On a side note my granddaughter Hollie celebrated her birthday.   She is geek who wants to be a whiz kid.

05-27-18_9-29-47 AM

Tina is an adorable little toddler.

05-27-18_9-44-10 AM

She is definitely a charmer and loves giving hugs.

05-27-18_9-46-17 AM

One evening I took Baylee and Bryce to meet Bianca, Hollie and Tina at the park.

05-27-18_9-47-47 AM

The girls worked on the whiz kid aspiration by playing chess.

05-27-18_9-48-43 AM

Tina and I played dolls.

05-27-18_9-55-12 AM

And I helped her on the slide.

05-27-18_9-49-15 AM

While Bryce played in the ball pit.

05-27-18_9-54-03 AM

Then I let Tina pretend to fly on my back.

05-27-18_9-59-02 AM

Bryce thought it looked fun and wanted a turn too.

05-27-18_9-57-35 AM

It was a fun evening out.  It was great seeing my daughter and grandchildren.

05-27-18_9-52-23 AM

By the end of the night Hollie and Baylee were calling each other “Best Friends Forever”.

05-27-18_9-58-04 AM

They even posed for this great photo together.

05-27-18_10-22-14 AM

When we got home Ben had made dinner and we all at as a family.

05-27-18_10-28-54 AM

Later Ben read Bryce a bedtime story.

05-27-18_10-29-48 AM

While Baylee and I did some reading of our own.

05-27-18_10-05-39 AM

Later that night she woke up to a monster under the bed.

05-27-18_10-05-50 AM

She was so scared.

05-27-18_10-54-34 AM

But despite being tired daddy came to the rescue.

05-27-18_10-37-48 AM

Ben later drank his first of many youth potions.  We need to keep him alive as long as possible.

05-27-18_11-28-16 AM.png

Soon it was the older kids birthday.  I can’t believe the last of the teenagers are aging up to young adult today.  Brooklyn blew out her candles first.

05-27-18_11-26-26 AM.png

Followed by her brother Brooks.

05-27-18_11-25-22 AM

All my kids and grandkids came to the party and it looks like I may be having another grandchild soon.

05-27-18_11-47-28 AM

After the party Brooklyn stayed home long enough for me to paint her Young Adult portrait before getting a house of her own.  She lives right next door to Brianna.

05-27-18_12-02-25 PM

The twins also aged up.  Bella has my red hair and Ben’s blue eyes.  She looks a lot like Baylee did at that age.   She is very independent.

05-27-18_12-02-19 PM

Becca also has Ben’s blue eyes but her hair is a slightly lighter shade of red than mine.  She is very inquisitive.

05-27-18_12-14-49 PM

All three toddlers love the jungle gym and are quickly building movement skills.

05-27-18_11-11-06 AM

Bryce also uses it to pretend he is exploring the ocean in a ship.  He is on his way to maxing imagination too.

05-27-18_12-18-21 PM

Baylee is working on her Whiz Kid aspiration by fishing with Ben.  Who knew fishing helped with mental skills.

05-27-18_12-22-10 PM

Since the toddlers can’t eat at the table we all have our meals in the living room.  I don’t care where we eat as long as we eat together.

05-27-18_12-38-23 PM

Bryce continues to work on his imagination skills by playing with his toys.  I can’t believe his birthday is in just a few days.

05-27-18_12-48-04 PM

Bella has been building blocks to work on her thinking skills while Becca talks to Barker to work on communication.  Then when one gets bored they switch.

05-27-18_12-49-53 PM

Brooks is still living at home.  He loves his little sisters and will play with them.

05-27-18_12-52-05 PM

He has also been helping with potty training.  Well at least with Becca.  She really looks up to her big brother.  Bella on the hand is very independent and focused on learning by herself.

05-27-18_12-58-11 PM

As soon as Makayla became a young adult Brooks went over and proposed.

05-27-18_12-58-25 PM

She said yes and the two are planning their (Makayla’s) dream wedding.

05-27-18_1-11-23 PM

But first we had Bryce’s birthday.  I had to make the cake as Ben was at work and I could only find the pink frosting but Bryce doesn’t seem to care.

05-27-18_2-16-24 PM

He is an adorable little boy who has the loner trait but the Social Butterfly aspiration.  Not sure how well that will work for him.

05-27-18_1-16-34 PM

All of my older children came for the party.

05-27-18_1-19-23 PM

Including Bianca who is due any day now.

05-27-18_1-37-04 PM

In fact she had the baby later that very night.   She gave birth to a son this time which thrilled Stanley.  The baby’s name is Trevor.

05-27-18_1-38-13 PM

After all these years those too are just as much in love as ever.

05-27-18_2-10-54 PM

Bryce is such a big help.  After his party he cleaned up all of the dirty dishes.

05-27-18_2-25-17 PM

The following weekend it was time for Brooks and Makayla’s wedding.

[Is that a baby bump?  Brooks I think you have some explaining to do.]

05-27-18_2-29-42 PM

Brooks and Makayla got married at the exclusive Van Haunt Estate which I admit is a beautiful location.

05-27-18_2-29-57 PM

I thought the girls looked so adorable in their matching dresses for the wedding.

05-27-18_2-30-40 PM

The wedding was beautiful and I am so happy for them.  I am sad though because they are going to move in with Makayla’s parents for awhile.  Her family lives in Oasis Springs.  Brooks will be the first of my babies not to stay in Windenburg.

05-27-18_2-47-09 PM

During the reception Ben and I found a quiet moment out on the balcony.  It was so romantic there kissing under the stars.

05-27-18_2-48-11 PM

“You know they have beds upstairs,” I whispered in Ben’s ear.

05-27-18_2-48-26 PM

I think Ben was surprised but totally on board with my suggestion.

05-27-18_2-49-05 PM

The Van Haunt Estate is technically a museum.   To get to the bed we had to sneak past the security cameras in the hallway and cross over some ropes guarding the entrance to the room.  I can’t believe we are about to woohoo in a bed at a museum.

05-27-18_2-49-19 PM

Honestly I think the danger of getting caught really spiced things up.  It reminded me of when Ben and I were younger and we woohooed in the closet at the library.

05-27-18_1-21-43 PM

When we got home the girls were really sad that Brooks had moved out.  Ben and I are trying to comfort them as much as we can.  They just miss their brother so much.

05-27-18_3-42-59 PM

I decided to try to cheer them up by throwing another toddler play-date.  My granddaughter Tina came.

05-27-18_3-44-42 PM

And I helped her go down the slide.

05-27-18_3-46-05 PM

Then in the middle of the play-date she aged up and was sad no one had a birthday party for her.  It is safe to say the play-date did not end well.   Hopefully we can try again when Trevor is a little older.

05-27-18_6-25-42 PM.png

Here Tina is after her make-over.

05-27-18_3-51-35 PM

Baylee is doing really well on her Whiz Kid aspiration.  I just hope she doesn’t burn the house down.

05-27-18_3-57-06 PM

I have been busy cleaning house.

05-27-18_3-58-36 PM

And painting.

05-27-18_4-09-58 PM

Brooks and Makayla had a baby girl named Penelope.  With her birth I completed my “Big Happy Family” aspiration.  I have decided to go with Successful Lineage next.

05-27-18_4-13-19 PM

I have also been getting sick a lot lately.

05-27-18_4-00-41 PM

I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  Here is hoping for a boy this time to start balancing things out.

05-27-18_4-01-30 PM

“I’m pregnant,” I told Ben.   I think he was happy with the news.

05-27-18_4-02-12 PM

He is such a great husband and father.  My back has been bothering me with this pregnancy so he rubs my back and gives the most amazing massages.

05-27-18_7-10-24 PM.png

Bryce is a loner but also a social butterfly and he has figured out the perfect way to be both.  He can sit for hours by himself and chat with other kids online.  I made sure to find a child friendly chat site for him to use.

05-27-18_7-19-06 PM.png

Ben has been cooking up a storm.   He is so close to his final promotion at the restaurant.

05-27-18_7-19-31 PM.png

I have been focusing on teaching Bella her shapes and numbers.

05-27-18_7-24-39 PM.png

While Becca works on maxing her imagination skill.   So far Brianna is still the only child to max all five skills.

05-27-18_7-34-48 PM.png

Soon it was the girls birthday.   Ben made the cake and we just had a small party at home.

05-27-18_7-30-34 PM.png

My back continues to bother me as does the morning sickness.

05-27-18_7-47-02 PM.png

Becca is an adorable little girl.  She is creative and wants to be an artistic prodigy.

05-27-18_7-52-26 PM.png

Bella is equally adorable.  She is also creative but is more of a rambunctious scamp.  I think this is the first time I have had four kids each with a different aspiration.

05-27-18_8-03-14 PM.png

It is also the first time in awhile that we have no infants and/or toddlers in the house.  So I decided before the baby is born to take the whole family on a special outing.  First we went to the Windenburg pool.

05-27-18_8-05-36 PM.png

Everyone had a blast swimming.

05-27-18_8-06-55 PM.png

Becca even did a cannonball off the diving board.

05-27-18_8-09-58 PM.png

Not going to lie, I was pretty miserable the entire day but I was glad the kids were having fun.

05-27-18_8-14-54 PM.png

Later we went to the park.

05-27-18_8-16-43 PM.png

Hollie and Tina joined us.  All of the kids had fun playing on the jungle gym.

05-27-18_8-18-32 PM.png

It is great to see that after all these years Hollie and Baylee are still best friends.

05-27-18_8-19-19 PM.png

Some other locals were also at the park including Hollie and Tina’s cousin Bryon Snider.  Bryon’s dad Christian is Stanley’s older brother.

05-27-18_8-20-36 PM.png

Bryce met Erika Baez.  She didn’t seem real thrilled with him at first as he kept talking about grilled cheese.

05-27-18_8-21-40 PM.png

But soon the two were chatting away like they had known each other for years.  I am glad he is making friends.

05-27-18_8-29-03 PM.png

Becca also started talking to a neighborhood boy.  She said his name was David.

05-27-18_9-40-13 PM.png

When we got home we all sat down to eat but I quickly realized I was in labor and this baby was coming NOW.

05-27-18_9-40-50 PM.png

The baby was coming so quickly I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the nursery.  I was having this baby right here, right now while the kids eat dinner behind me.

05-27-18_9-40-47 PM

Even after 10 kids this whole delivery thing doesn’t get any easier — it still hurts.

05-27-18_9-42-30 PM

But it is all worth it when I get to hold a new baby in my arms.  Welcome to the family Brandon Baker.  That makes 11 children.  I can’t believe we are almost halfway there.

Girls = 6
Boys = 5

Grandchildren = 4

Hollie (Bianca & Stanley)
Tina (Bianca & Stanley)
Trevor (Bianca & Stanley)
Penelope (Brooks & Makayla)