Meet the Baker Family

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“Hello, I am Bethany Baker.  I am family oriented, creative and a bit of a neat freak.  My aspiration is to have a big family.”

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“This is my husband Benjamin (Ben) Baker.  Like me Ben is also family oriented.  Ben is a foodie and very ambitious.  He wants to be a Master Chef someday.”

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We just moved to Windenburg and bought the biggest lot they had.  It is 64 x 64 – it seems huge but someday we will have a big house here and who knows maybe even a pool.

Ben and I want to have at least 24 kids, 12 boys and 12 girls.  We decided to name them all starting with the letter B.  Won’t that be cute.

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The lot has access to a private beach which will be great for fishing and family outings.

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After moving into our lot we had $10,000 left but then for some odd reason Ben used $8200 of it to buy this knight statue.  He said he had his reasons and I trust him.

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We were left with only $1800 and used that to buy a tent, easel for my painting, a grill for Ben and a picnic table.  So far we have no bathroom so this could get interesting.

Wish us luck.

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